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Posted: Fri Oct 20, 2000 4:01 pm    Post subject: Welcome to phpBB2x

What is phpBB2x?

phpBB2x is an unofficial, updated version of phpBB 2.
phpBB2 was one of the most popular forum software's ever released and is still one of the most flexible and easily modified bulletin boards available.
It has the unreleased phpBB 2.0.24 update as well as many other code updates to enable php 7.4 and mysqli comaptibility.
Ive kept mods to a minimum in order to maintain the basic, uncluttered appeal of the original phpBB2 software.

* added bootstrap and fontawesome
* updated social networking links
* added dhtml collapsing FAQ and ACP left menu
* added page load info to the footer (can be turned off by disabling DEBUG mode)
* updated eXtremeStyles mod to run on php7.4 (not installed by default)

Why did I do this?
That's a great question! Over the years I built many websites for clients who wanted a simple static website with a flexible backend for user managment and communication. phpBB2 was a perfect fit for the backend. I took about 6 years off from web development but occasionally was asked to update or fix bugs related to php/mysql updates and was also asked to deploy a few new sites. This typically took several hours of codework to install. I decided to just update the core to an easily installable version.
Since phpBB2 is EOL and essencially abandonware, I removed links back to because they no longer support this phpBB2 or even many versions of phpBB3 and they consider anything phpBB2 related to be a nusance. If you need support for phpBB2 or any of its verions, you can ask here or you can find the best phpBB2 minds @

I will upload mods here as they are updated to work with phpBB2x & php7.4
It should be noted that neither I, nor phpbb2refugees are affiliated with in any way
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